Aggregate Machinery designs conveying systems to meet your requirements efficiently; give you better value for every dollar spent. Based on our years of practical experience, we design simple, efficient and durable conveying systems that are easy to work with and maintain.

Thunderbird II conveyors are designed to meet your needs. Horsepower, width, belting type, drive types, etc. all vary from application to application. Our design team is ready to design and build a conveyor system to match your application.

Thunderbird II conveyors are offered in three designs: channel for light duty, channel-lattice for medium to heavy duty and lattice for heavy to extra-heavy duty applications.

We design stacking conveyors to specific capacity, width and stockpiling sizes. Portable and non-portable stackers are available in fixed or radial designs. We also offer unique designs that can be extended while in use, making our stacking conveyors even more efficient. We have accommodated the need for convenient transportation by making our conveyors stackable resulting in more efficient use of trailer deck.

Thunderbird II portable stacking conveyors use a special lattice frame that saves weight, yet makes them stronger and easier to setup. Economy units requiring a crane for setup as well as completely self-erecting units are also available.

Our non-portable stacking conveyors are produced in heavy duty lattice designs. They are jig welded, pre-assembled, and test run at the factory to assure easier on-site assembly and startup.


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