Thunderbird II feeders are designed for durability and efficiency. We manufacture vibrating grizzly, vibrating pan, belt, plate, and apron feeders. We are confident that we have the feeder that is right for your application. We will also custom design and build a feeder to your requirements.

High impact, gritty working conditions, damp sticky material and varying volumes of product are some of the critical problems solved with the correct type of Thunderbird II feeder. Our technical staff is always ready to help you choose the correct feeder for your application.


Our belt feeders feature an endless belt system. This prevents loss of product through gaps between plates, and makes our belt feeders ideal for handling fine material. Flat roller idlers, lagged head pulleys and self-cleaning, wing-type tail pulleys result in lower maintenance and reduced belt wear. The inherently smooth-running characteristics of a positive flow belt feeder, combined with an optional variable speed drive, give your operator exceptional control over flow of materials.


Our high-efficiency vibrating feeders have easily replaceable wear liners resulting in lower maintenance costs. Our grizzly feeder features a low profile design where the power head does not hang below the basket which reduces the height requirements and makes our feeders more flexible for portable plant installations. The bearings are standard off the shelf spherical roller bearings that are mounted on tapered spindles that run in an oil bath. Side plates run the full length of the feeder and have a reinforcing doubler plate around the through-the-body twin shaft assemblies. Provisions are made to mount a hydraulic motor on the feeder basket. Structural steel support cross members under the pan and heavy duty springs with spring pads attach to the support frame. Many grizzly configurations, as well as a secondary finger rod deck, are available.

Sizes: 36"x14' to 58"x20'

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Thunderbird II plate feeders use heavy-duty, low-profile frames designed for flat mounting. The outer frame rails enclose the crank drive and pan assemblies which eliminates the need for extra guarding. Added plate stability is achieved by the use of a dual arm system using a crank arm driving each side of the feed plate instead of the conventional single arm system. This drive system gives our feeders increased stability, high strength, and reduced overall weight.


Thunderbird II Apron feeders feature heavy-duty apron flights to survive high-impact conditions. These apron feeders use a countershaft and gear drive connected to carrier chain riding on A/R replaceable wear strips to reduce maintenance and wear. To further reduce wear our apron feeders have a live tail shaft rather than fixed. Side frame support members are formed with a wide upper flange for easy feed hopper attachment.
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