Thunderbird II screens are easy to work on and with. There is little maintenance; checking the oil level occasionally is all that is required. Screen cloth is easy to change; all screen cloth tensioning bolts are readily accessible. Screen cloth is held with hook type abrasion resistant steel drawplates, carriage bolts and aligning washers. Urethane and rubber media configurations also available.

Our screens come complete with base frames, motor mounts, drawplates, springs, guards and a driven sheave. The vibrating basket is made from A-36 steel on all structural members that are oversized for added strength. The feedbox has A/R wear liners as do the discharge lips. For added durability the sideplates have a reinforcing doubler plate in the vibrating shaft area.

Thunderbird II screens feature an adjustable stroke for maximum performance and flexibility.

The bearings are standard off the shelf spherical roller bearings and run in an oil bath. The tapered bore bearings are mounted on replaceable tapered spindles and held in place with a standard bearing nut and washer. This makes changing a bearing quicker and easier. This design makes an excellent wash screen. The cooling affect of the water doesn't reduce the bearings internal clearances, and therefore, the bearing life.

The shaft carries no bearing or basket weight and contaminants are kept out of the oil case by either a labyrinth unitized cartridge seal or a combination piston ring and neoprene contact seal for positive dirt rejection and oil sealing.

All moving parts are enclosed in oil tight cases with an air breather and run in standard lubricant oil. No cooler, oil mist systems, etc., are needed.


Wet or dry, Thunderbird II screening plants are the economical answer to your screening needs. These plants can produce three or four products simultaneously.

Custom-designed systems are also available and may feature multiple screens, a feeder, or stationary screening towers.

An assortment of different designs and configurations are available using with our Thunderbird II screens or those from other manufacturers.


  • A/R liners for hopper
  • Hydraulic lift and support leg system in lieu of the standard screw jack legs
  • Switch Gear
  • Removable ladder to walkways along side screen with handrails
  • Different chuting configurations for blending capabilities
  • Off plant auxiliary hydraulic circuits
  • Extended extra control cable to operator's platform

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